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  Badminton is a terrific sport because it brings to bear so many benefits and challenges.  It appeals to virtually all ages and can range from the most social of sports to one of the most physically challenging.  Combining speed and patience, strength and touch, finesse and power, strategy and reaction – all constantly varying and interacting – it truly is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding sports to play, offering an extreme of ranges between social and competitive, and easy-to-play to incredibly demanding.

  Here is a Potpourri of Badminton Facts and Folklore:
  • The badminton net should be five feet, one-inch high at the posts and exactly five feet high at the center of the court.  Badminton courts are 44 feet long and 20 feet wide for Doubles, 17 feet wide for Singles.
  • It has been said that there are 1 billion badminton participants world-wide.  There were reportedly 1.2 billion people who watched the Thomas Cup badminton finals via television that were held in Malaysia during 2010.
  • Bjorn Borg, the world tennis champion back in the late '70s and '80s, was known to have played Badminton for recreation and as a conditioning aid.  This is due to the fact that badminton, while played on a smaller court, can nonetheless be considerably quicker than tennis and often has longer volleys, thereby more greatly stressing the body's reactions and stamina.

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