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Do I have to be a member to play? 

Visitors are welcome to walk-in and play.

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  1. Memorial Day: Monday, May 27th  
  2. Labor Day: Monday, Sep 2nd  
  3. Veterans Day (Observed):  Monday, Nov 11th     
  4. Thanksgiving Day: Thursday, Nov 28th   





Do I have to be a member to play?    
Visitors are welcome to walk-in and play.      

Can I come by myself and find someone to play with?
Absolutely! In fact, many of our members and guests come by themselves. Whether you’re dropping in as a guest to play or a member of the club, you are not required to come with a partner to play doubles.  We will find a partner for you and schedule games accordingly. Sometimes we will have to mix and match player with different skill levels.     

Do I need to bring my own racket and shuttlecocks?  
Players should bring their own racquets. Shuttlecocks will be provided as they included in the playing fee.      

Do you sell badminton equipment?   
No, we don't. We only sell strings.  As there are no stores in the Greenville area that sell badminton equipment, we recommend the following online websites.   

Do you provide racquet stringing service?    
The club does not provide the stringing service, but we do sell strings and one of our club members strings racquets,  
Contact for stringing service:  James Zhang Ph: 832-526-2317  Email:         

This sport is new to me. How should I get started?    
The best way to get started is to simply get onto the court and play. There are players of all levels in the club. We will initially pair you up with beginner level players. There are many advanced level players who will be willing to  teach you the basics and help you improve your skills.  

What payment methods do you accept?  
Currently we only accept cash or check payments.